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Story Telling

The History of Daejeon Sun hospital: A family of medical benevolence

Sun General Hospital, located in Mokdong in the Central District of Daejeon, Korea, was founded by one man for the purpose of "Provide the best care possible for each and every patients without limit."

Daejeon Sun Hospital of the Young Hoon Medical Group was founded in 1966, by the late Dr. Sun Ho Young (1925-2004), in the medically barren area of Daejeon, when it opened as the unparalleled 20-bed Sun Orthopedic Surgical Clinic. It has since grown into a multi-faceted, general medical center operating four hospitals, including the original Mokdong Sun Hospital as the main hospital, plus Sun Dental Hospital, Yuseong Sun Hospital, and the Health Promotion Center, with over 1,000 beds, seven medical specialist centers, 49 medical departments, and employing over 200 medical specialists.

The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sun Hospital from 1966 - 2002, Dr. Sun Ho Young, who graduated from Seoul National University Medical School and studied in Heidelberg, Germany, oversaw the development of Sun Hospital during years of rapid changes in the medical environment. He recognized the need for a modern general hospital and established four visions for the hospital considering the patients point of view:Prompt Medical Treatment ;Outstanding Care;Specialization; and “Development through Constant Improvement.”

The second Chairman of the Board, Dr. Sun Doo Hoon, the second son of Dr. Sun Ho Young, followed in his father’s footsteps as an orthopedic surgeon, graduating from Catholic University Medical School and teaching orthopedic surgery there, including serving as an exchange professor at Stanford Medical School, and developing the first successful artificial hip implant in Korea. Dr. Sun became well known domestically and abroad for his medical expertise in the area of hip replacement. As the current Chairman of the Board, Dr. Sun continues to examine, treat, and perform surgical operations for patients and is respected by one and all for his medical expertise as well as his outstanding character.

Dr. Sun Seung Hoon, the third son of the Founder, received a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Berkeley, an MBA from Georgetown University, and a doctoral degree in hospital management from Inje University. Dr. Sun gained experience as a financial specialist at Citibank in the United States and rose to become one of Citibank’s core executive officials. Fulfilling his father’s wishes to carry on the family tradition, he joined the management staff of Sun Hospital and worked ceaselessly to develop Sun Hospital into an exceptional, progressive, world class medical facility. Respected at home and abroad for his outstanding character and academic achievements, he was commissioned as an honorary consul by Sweden to lead one section of private diplomats.

Like his brothers, the Founder’s fourth son, Sun Kyung Hoon, followed the family medical tradition by studying at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Sun founded Sun Dental Hospital in Daejeon, which had a few dental offices but no facilities that could address the wide array of dental diseases or offer surgical procedures. Sun Dental Hospital was the first facility in the Daejeon area to offer the full range of medical dental services. Living up to the Sun Hospital reputation, Sun Dental Hospital offers the best medical facility and medical system not only in central Korea, but is known throughout Korea as the number one dental hospital in the region.

Under the influence of Dr. Sun Ho Young’s instructions to “always consider the patient’s point of view,” Daejeon Sun Hospital of the Young Hoon Medical Group has continued to improve and develop as an exceptional regional hospital to the point of receiving the highest ranking possible by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for patient satisfaction in 2008. Accordingly, Sun Hospital will go down in history as a model case for setting the standards for hospital development.

Sun General Hospital maintains sister-hospital relationships with many domestic and international hospitals, including China’s Phoenix Medical Group Changsang Hospital, Shinsegae Orthopedic Kangbok Hospital, LA Shriners Hospital, and Mt. Sinai Hospital. As a hospital well-known for its outstanding medical treatment, equipment, and systems and for its innovative management, Sun Hospital has become a training center for medical specialists from Japan, China, and South East Asian countries, and has been recognized by patients from the United States, Japan, China and other countries, as setting the benchmark for patient care.

The attitude of benevolence embodied by Founder Dr. Sun Ho Young, continues to this day as Sun Hospital personnel seek out regions that are under-served medically, volunteering medical care to rural health clinics, farm villagers, flood victims, and those alienated from society. In recent times, Sun Hospital has also given scholarship funds, free medical treatment for Mongolian children, and physical examinations for the East Timor soccer team, and volunteered to clean up at the Taean oil spill site, maintaining the reputation of this medical family’s spirit of benevolence while expanding the scope of volunteer medical work.

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