Medical Skin Center
Medical Skin Center
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Skin Care Clinic program Acne line skin care, soothing, moisturizing line skin care, whitening management skin care wrinkle, elasticity, pore, scar, acne, pigmentary disease
Laser Clinic Skin Center Advanced Laser Equipment MCL-30, TRM, Bimax IPL, Agnes, V-Beam, Welcera, Arbote, Revlate, Acolade, Cellar Laser, Excel V
Comestic Clinic Beauti-Comestic Surgery Unlike plastic surgery that puts a knife on the face, it is relatively easy to perform in about 10 minutes using injection or thread Filler To replace the natural ingredients of the skin lost in the aging process, face volume and bold Improve wrinkles Botox Various cosmetic effects such as skin wrinkle treatment, facial contouring, square jaw correction with Botox injection Thread lifting Using the thread that melts and disappears in the skin, pulls the sagging part of the face, Maximize elasticity