Message from the Chairman

"We offer our best diagnoses and treatments without any constraints for those who come to us.
Sun Medical Center was founded in 1966 to realize the mission of the founder, Hospital centering on patients.
Since its foundation, Sun Medical Center has equipped with up-to-date medical equipments through continuous investments, offered highly distinguished and specialized medical services with consideration, passion, and moderation to our patients, and now each of the staff is doing the best to realize a genuine model of true medical services.

  • - We believe in that Sun Medical Center exists since it has the customers.
  • - Sun Medical Center where one can look for with a continual belief for his lifetime.
  • - Sun Medical Center where one desires to look for once again even in rapidly changing healthcare environments.

In Sun Medical Center, all of the directors and employers are doing the best to come true a new paradigm of hospital cultures. We are making an endeavor to innovate ourselves corresponding to demands from our patients for becoming a leader of medicine and health care in the 21st century in basis of the founders mission.

Thank you very much.

English Service

TEL:+82 42 220 8240
TEL:+82 10 3039 9509

Chris Han
TEL:+82 42 220 8080
TEL:+82 10 3614 0817

Chinses Service

WeChat ID: yiciyuan2222
TEL:+82 42 220 8240
TEL:+82 10 2805 8033

Chris Han
TEL:+82 42 220 8080
TEL:+82 10 3614 0817

Mongolian Service

Oh yunerden
TEL:+82 10 5531 9398

Russian Service

Kulibaeva Svetlana
TEL:+82 10 4943 3111