Spine & Joint Center

Spine Center

The Spine Center of SMC offers an ideal comprehensive diagnosis and treatment between the two medical specialists of the part of the bone (orthopedic doctors specializing in spine) and the part of the nerve (doctors specializing in spinal neurosurgery) to treat comprehensively at the same time.

Spine (11,022 spinal surgical operations and 189,855 outpatients from the statistical data as of May, 2012).

Spinal Total System in Sun Medical Center

1. 1. Unlike other hospitals, it consists of orthopedic spine specialists and neurosurgical spine specialists to execute a custom-made treatment.
The center offers a custom-made treatment with most safe methods according to the symptoms of disease by co-operating the orthopedic surgery that executes various types of treatments for spinal, tumor, and degenerative diseases and the neurosurgery that treats invasive nerves with fine acupuncture.

2. The center equips with only highest advanced medical devices and equipments including :

C - ARM (GE, U.S.), Superconducting MRI (Siemens, Germany), PET - CT (GE, U.S.), 64-channel CT (Siemens, Germany).

3. Complete operating rooms and recovery rooms (aseptic system). The rooms offer safest operating environments, including the recovery room system to recover from anesthesia after surgical operation, by equipping with the complete aseptic system in the operating room, medical staff specializing in anesthesia with talent, nurse-anesthetists, and nurses scrub specialists.

4. Operation of optimal physical therapy system specializing in rehabilitation and spine. The system offers custom-made rehabilitations including muscle building therapy, physical therapy, exercise therapy, injection therapy, and medicinal therapy in order to make patients to allow daily living in shortest duration.

5. Operation of the centralized management program for discharged patients. Medical Consultation Center which consists of specialist nurses, and makes possible to continue perfect treatment results by regular post-discharge management.

Laser surgical operation (spinal surgery with minimal acupuncture via microscope).

Unlike traditional surgery, it offers a smaller cut part and very low risk of muscle and blood vessel damages so that it makes a fast recovery and extremely low side effects.

Waist, spine, and disc surgical operation.

A spinal surgery is a highly difficult degree of operation that needs a comprehensive treatment of the parts of bone and nerve absolutely. We pride with our highest success rate of operations.

Spinal clinic with non-surgical operation

The clinic offers, with minimal scars, treatments without pain by preserving muscles, ligaments, and nerve mostly. If you do not choose surgical operation, we aim to prevent any recurrence by using a frequency of exercise therapy to overcome the pain.

Joint Center

The Joint Center of Sun Medical Center offers optimal treatments taking advantages of the technology that the medical staff has accumulated extensive experiences through more than 10,000 cases. Especially Dr. Seon, Du Hun, has developed and manufactured the artificial joint firstly in Korea with pure domestic techniques in which the physical forms and anatomical characteristics were reflected.

Joint (17,546 joint surgical operations and 6,130 artificial joints from the statistical data as of May, 2012).

Total System of the Joint in Sun Medical Center.

1. Sub-special system per each medical area.

2. The center equips advanced medical devices and equipments including :
    C - ARM (GE, U.S.), Superconducting MRI (Siemens, Germany), PET - CT (GE, U.S.), 64-channel CT (Siemens, Germany).

3. Medical staff with a rich experience of surgical operations more than 13,940 cases.

4. Dr. Seon, Du Hun in the Center awarded ?Best Paper Prize? from the American Society of Joint?.

5. Equip with systematic professional rehabilitations.
    Professional rehabilitation system (knee)
    Professional rehabilitation system (hip)

Precautions after Surgical Operation :

If you get swollen heat or inflammation out of the surgical site, please visit the hospital immediately. You will be better to create an environment of seating type rather than standing-up type to prevent from damage or wearing of the tools. Continuous exercising is absolutely required after operation.
- Please take the exercise regularly everyday that we have taught you.
- Fixed type bicycle : Please take the exercise with it regularly everyday.

Continues education of post-managements at home

- Continues to take previous exercises and walks.
- It is recommended to do daily on bed, chairs and sofas.
- Please refrain from sitting with your knees crouched without instructions of from your medical doctor.
- Please consult with your medical doctor when you will drive or get other transportations.
- You may get to experience a state of the surgical site attached some degree even in a normal state.

Home Education After Discharge

We treat the wounds by removing a portion of the patient\'s cartilage, culturing cartilage cells, and self transporting the cultured cells.

Arthritis Clinic

We aim to give a perfect treatment by executing exercise therapy, medicine therapy, and arthritis surgical operation for the diseases in knee, shoulder, or ankles.

Joint Endoscopy Clinic

The clinic offers an advanced treatment that can cut and seal partially through the electronic endoscope. Day after the operation, you can return to everyday life.

Artificial Joint Clinic

We eliminate the pain by inserting an artificial joint made of special alloys and ceramics, so that it makes possible articulation movements such as walking allowing to do everyday life.?

Hallux Valgus Clinic

Hallux valgus causes a pain on a first joint of big toes which is projected internally due to contacting of shoes; if the pain becomes serious, it ought to be corrected by surgical operation.  

Leg Correction Clinic

We remedy bent legs of adults, young people and infants by utilizing the stapling method or the growth restraining method prior to completing a growth.

Stiff and Painful Shoulder Clinic

We treat it with exercising, therapeutic and injection therapy, and joint endoscopic surgery.

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