Ear, Nose & Throat Center

The center is well known for its high succeeding rate of operations, which is the highest level in Korea, and patient satisfaction taking advantage of a rapid diagnosis and treatment.

Ear, Nose, and Neck (8,461 otitis media, snoring, removal of tonsils, and child adenoids, and 272,017 outpatients)

Ear Clinic

Professional medical staff and researchers specializing in diseases of ear-related hearing loss and hardness analyze thoroughly and then carry out treatments. 


1. Hearing Impairment


Hearing Impairment means diminished sensitivity to the sounds normally heard. 


2. Tinnitus


Tinnitus is also called as ringing in ears and is the phenomenon that unwanted sounds are heard from the outside continuously. 

Method of Treatment

Conductive hearing loss: We apply appropriate treatments either medications or surgeries up to the reasons of diseases.

Sensorineural hearing loss: We apply a medicinal treatment for which the reason of disease can be treated by medication; otherwise we apply a hearing aid or artificial snail transplantation. 


3. Otitis Media


Otitis media signifies all of the inflammatory changes that occur between eardrum and ductus cochlea.
Method of Treatment
Medical treatment: Disinfection of inflammations, removal of tumor, and application of medicine.
Surgical treatment: Insertion of vent pipe, plastic operation, cutting of tumor, or retroactive surgery of eardrum.

Nose Clinic

We thoroughly analyze reasons and treat the diseases of nasal malignant tumor and pituitary tumors in cerebrum by using endoscopic equipment.

1. Ozena

Patient complains a stiff and yellow snivel, headaches, facial expansion, fatigue, and fever.
Method of Treatment
Medicinal treatment : It can be treated perfectly through treatment with antibiotics or surgical treatment. For acute inflammation or child patient, treatment with antibiotics is preferred and it can help to treat it by washing the inside of the nose using a saline solution.
Surgical treatment : Using a nasal endoscope as surgical method, is to magnify the inner structure of a nose that makes available to execute a surgical operation more accurately and safely.

We are proud of operation success rate 98% and recurrence rate near 0%. 


2. Allergic Rhinitis


As a result of environmental pollution, it is of inflammatory reaction having symptoms of sneezing, running nose, and itching.
Method of Treatment

There are some methods of strengthening resistance by avoiding causal materials and trigger factors, adjusting the environment, or giving immunity therapy.  For a nasal clogging that cannot be better with medicine, we can execute a surgical operation using lasers or high-frequency heat treatment equipment. 


3. Snoring (Sleep Apnea)


It is breathing noses that are generated by vibrating the structures in a nose while suction of air causing by various types of factors.

Sleep apnea : Breathing is stopped for more than 10 seconds due to clogged respiratory tract during sleeping and then recovered with severe snoring. This is a disease of sleep disruption disorder.

Method of Treatment

Depending on the causes, treatment methods are various including basic operations that widen a loosened respiratory tract such as executing a surgical operation or removal of a loosened uvula by using lasers.

We firstly discriminate whether the reason of sleep apnea is arisen by closing type by utilizing endoscopic equipment and sleeping multi examination in the snoring cleaning equipment and then treat it by utilizing proper surgical operation using lasers or high-frequency therapy equipment according to state of patient.

1. Please reduce your weight with exercise and healthy eating habit.
2. Please do not use any sedatives, hypnotics, and antihistamines before going to bed.
3. Please do not drink alcohol within 4 hours and eat anything within 3 hours before going to bed.

4. Maintain a regular sleep habit.
5. Snoring can be reduced by side lying position.

6. It is also useful for lift about 10cm of the head of the bed.


Nose Clinic


The clinic is taking charge of the treatments including the diagnoses and operations of all diseases which occur in the neck area.


1. Tonsillitis


It is usually referred to acute inflammation that occurs in the palatine tonsils, and most the inflammation happens even in the mucous membrane of the neck region.
Method of Treatment

To reduce pain and discomfort of the throat, we make patients to have rest, soft food, adequate hydration, and to take pain killers when needed. If a high fever and malaise continue for a couple of day, we will apply antibiotics even until the symptoms are disappeared.

The case of Tonsillectomy, a surgical removal of the tonsils, is if patients have difficulty breathing or swallowing which is caused by any abscess or suspicious tumor of tonsils.


2. Hyperthyroidism


The disease causes difficult in concentration, hot in the body, lots of sweat, difficult in breathing, tired, losing weight, and frequent bowel movements.
Method of Treatment

The hyperthyroidism is treated by using anti thyroid medications, isotope treatment using radioactive iodine and/or surgical operation.

3. Hypothyroid

The disease causes lethargy, chills, poor appetite but body becomes swollen and increases the weight. 

Method of Treatment
While regularly taking thyroid hormone (for 3 months to 6 months), we find out the changes by executing an examination of thyroid hormone. ?

4. Thyroid Nodulus

It is a disease that is found out frequently about 5% of the population and means that the thyroid has a lump by increasing itself partially.

Most of thyroid nodulus are positive and the thyroid functions are usually normal in many cases. Even though the thyroid nodulus itself has not any harmful on health, it becomes a cosmetic problem. 


5. Thyroid Cancer


The most common cancers in thyroid include mamilla cancer (76.9 to 79.8%) that generated in thyroid cells, follicle cancer (14.5 to 15.7%), indifferent cancer (1.7 to 3.9%) and leech cancer (1.2 to 2.0%) that is generated in C cells in the thyroid.

Thyroid cancer is frequently diagnosed in women 2 to 3 times more than men and it can be touched as a mass in the neck without symptoms.  Thyroid cancer can be treated over 85% of cure rate.

Method of Treatment

The main treatment is a surgical operation to remove a part or the entire thyroid. In most of the surgical operations, it is to remove the side of thyroid with tumor and the remaining portion is determined in basis of the results of tissue examination during surgical operation. 

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