Cardiovascular Center

The cardiovascular center of Sun Hospital runs an emergency care system standing by professional medical specialists 24 hours per day. (9,859 cardiovascular surgical operations, 20,037 inpatients per year, and 178,115 outpatients from the statistical data as of October 31, 2011)

High Blood Pressure Clinic

The clinic does early detection and diagnosis of high blood pressure by cooperating with the health screening center.

Moreover the clinic executes the patients for positive lifestyle therapy and medicinal therapy to prevent from complications of high blood pressure.

Electrocardiogram Clinic

The emergency center and the coronary concentration unit (CCU) execute tragedy medical treatments and also equip with the advanced electrocardiogram system that can monitor and analyze any coronary problems. 

Arrhythmia Clinic

We diagnose any kind of arrhythmia for patients suspected with arrhythmia through various examinations; execute a medicinal therapy or artificial device insertion depending on the causes making to maintain a normal heartbeat.

Cardiac Insufficiency Clinic

The clinic organized medical specialists in cardiovascular internal medicine has achieved excellent fundamental and clinical researches. 

The clinic deals immediately with heart attack, myocardial infarction or heart failure patients for 24 hours per day in order to save a life with professional medical care.

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