Cerebral Nerve Center

The center designs a cooperating system of medical specialists in the neurology and neurosurgery.  The medical specialists with a variety of experiences diagnose and treat cerebrovascular diseases such as brain injury, brain tumors, epilepsy, and diseases with abnormal movements, etc.. 

Neurosurgery (2,784 brain hemorrhage and brain tumor surgeries, 370,025 inpatients per year, and 148,335 outpatients)

Dementia Clinic

The clinic recommends taking a dementia examination for whom loses an intellectual ability or has a hindrance of memory who acted normally in the past.

In order to prevent the dementia:
Do treat a high blood pressure.
Do control diabetes.
Do check your cholesterol level.
Do detect early any heart problems and treat it.
Do reduce obesity.

Do take appropriate exercises. 
Do absolutely prohibit excessive drinks. 
Do live actively by utilizing your head a lot.
For women, it can be prevented by taking a female hormone after menopause.

Do live brightly; laughing a lot and depression must be treated.

Do not get any sexual diseases. 
Do take an examination immediately when you have memory impairment or language impairment.


1. Altzheimers Disease


Ronald Reagan, U.S. President and Margaret Thatcher, British Prime minister were affected by the disease which is generated with various symptoms of dementia while brain cells are dying without any clear reasons. 


2. Vascular Dementia.


The dementia is appeared by accumulating cerebrovascular diseases.  The disease tends to appear for the people with high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, smoking, and obesity. 

Method of treatment

Many kinds of medicines have been tried as a treatment medicine but unfortunately there is no medicine that has been demonstrated for treatment obviously until now. 

However, having based on the hypothesis that the symptoms of cognitive impairment in dementia are mainly caused by damage of the cholinergic nerves on cerebrum base part, various types of choline medicines have been developed and some of them have been demonstrated for an effectiveness.


Stroke Clinic.

Stroke is a kind of cerebrovascular diseases, which is generated by abnormality of brain blood vessels.  A probability of treatment is increased if a patient is arrived at hospital as quick as possible. 

The warning symptoms reported by the American Society of Medical Doctors are:

Become weak on one side of the legs or arms.
Suddenly become pronunciations unclear. 
Become difficulty with keeping balance and move unsteadily.

Appear double vision.

Suddenly feel tingly or numb on one side of the face.
Suddenly decline the ability of expressions or understandings.
Appear the symptoms of dementia.
Feel one of the legs or arms as other persons flesh. 


Cerebral Infarction


It is a series of diseases appeared by loss of the functions of brain cells and brain tissue that causes a rapid change in cerebral blood vessels, consciousness impairment, or sense impairment. 
The symptoms are:

Severe headache.
Dizziness accompanying vomiting.
Paralysis and abnormal sensibility in one of the arms or legs without loss of consciousness.
Visual field losses and double vision. 
Language disorder.

Become difficulty with keeping balance and move unsteadily.

Get dysphagia and appear symptoms of dementia. 


Brain Tumor Clinic


Brain tumor is referred to a tumor in the brain.  The clinic is responsible for treating the disease from the very start. 

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