Cosmetic Surgery Center

The center aims to recover a discriminated beauty in principle of patients safety by operating the cooperating system of the anesthesia and pain department, the cosmetic oral surgery, and the cosmetic otorhinolarygology.
Cosmetic Surgery (4,018 operations and 93,978 inpatients per year)

Eye Cosmetic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery (with incision method, partial incision method, and burying method), and blepharoplasty (removal of wrinkles).

Cosmetic Surgery of Nose

Nose ascending operation, nose orthopedic surgery, correction of crooked nose, and non plastic surgery using Gore tex.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction surgery, and breast nipple reduction.

Liposuction Surgery

Removal of fats from abdomen, legs, calves, arm upper part, and face.

Face Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery for irregular jaws, jaw augmentation, and forehead plastic surgery.

Fat Graft Surgery

Forehead, mouth, lips, etc..

Lip Surgery

Lip reduction surgery, lip enlargement surgery, etc.

Surgery to Remove Wrinkles

Forehead, cheeks, and neck

Botox Injection Therapy

Facial wrinkles and rectangular jaw.

Micro Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstruction of various missed body parts.

Hand Surgery Department

Junction of fingers, damaged muscle, damaged nerve, and finger fracture.

Correction of Deformation

Deformation of fingers (multi fingers and joined fingers) and facial deformities (harelip, small ear)

Facial External Injury

Facial lacerated wound, burn, nasal fracture, cheekbone fracture, and other fractures

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