Cancer Center

The center opened with best medical staff and advanced cancer treatment equipments in July, 2012. 

Equipped with Rapid Arc, the latest model by VARIAN.

Rapid Arc is an amazing cancer treatment equipment that irradiates radiations fast and three-dimensionally to a tumor site and destroy cancer cells selectively (while protecting normal tissue at maximum) by utilizing advanced image guide device and high speed rotation technique. 

Characteristics of Sun Medical Centers Rapid Arc (mounted with advanced treatment function).
1. Built-in Image guide that targets a site to be treated precisely having based on real time CT scanning (IGRT)
2. Adjust a strength and a direction of radiations according to the position of a tumor. (IMRT).
3. Volume magnitude adjusting rotating treatment that recognizes the entire tumor at once while rotating fast around a patient (VMAT).
4. Applicable to a patient who concerns about side effects of radiotherapy from the earlier treatment of primary tumor, recurrent, and etastatic or multifocal tumors.
5. Treatment times of existing radiation therapy equipments of 10 to 40 minutes are reduced to 2 minutes.
6. SRS function : Surgical operation function with radiation beam of 3 mm (cyber knife function).
7. 4DRT function : Special function that target and irradiates radiations precisely to a tumor site that is moving by breathing such as lung cancer or abdominal cancer

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Chris Han
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