Sun Dental Hospital

1. Orthognathic Clinic

Reconstruction of damaged jaw and facial features and improvement of positional disharmony related to protruding mouth, jutting chin, square jaw, facial asymmetry, long face, short chin, protruding gums, congenital facial deformities and facial deformations caused by accidents can help you gain a beautiful face. At the same time, the foregoing treatments can improve mastication, pronunciation and communication.
Sun Dental Hospital is equipped with exclusive consultation, surgical and intensive treatment rooms for orthognathic surgeries. We further provide hotel-class private room for each patient to ensure safe and comfortable recovery. We guarantee safe and successful treatment through collaboration with a specialist from the main general hospital (Sun Medical Center).

2. Implant Clinic

Implant is a treatment method involving implantation of artificial tooth/teeth in the area of missing tooth/teeth to make it look natural. Sun Dental Hospital, boasting 16 years of tradition, has dental professionals with an abundance experience of over 40,000 implant cases, so you can feel assured when receiving treatment at our hospital. Also, implant procedures can be performed immediately and recovery is fast.

3. Orthodontic Clinic

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that is concerned with correcting tooth irregularity or disproportionate jaw relationships to treat malocclusions (improper bites). Sun Dental Hospital is equipped with advanced equipment to perform accurate and precise analyses for quality orthodontic treatment.

4. Prosthodontic Clinic

Deficient teeth and adjacent tissues are supplemented with artificial materials to restore the patients oral function, comfort, appearance and health. Quality treatment can be done quickly at Sun Dental Hospital through the laminating, all-ceramic, crowning or bridge procedure. We promise to present a brighter smile to those who are concerned with their teeth shapes and color.

5. TMJ Clinic

This is a specialty of dentistry that is concerned with treatment for all diseases occurring in the oral cavity and facial area including oral mucosa, jaw joints and salivary glands. At Sun Dental Hospital, optimal treatment is provided for temporomandibular disorders/diseases through botox procedures, bruxism device, intraoral device, among others. Also, fast and effective treatment is provided with the operation of the physical therapy room, and our regular check-up services can help prevent temporomandibular disorders/diseases.

6. Periodontal Clinic

This is a specialty of dentistry concerned with treating infections on nerves inside tooth or damage to the appearance of tooth caused by tooth decay or odontoclasis in order to preserve the tooth as much as possible without extracting the tooth. Whitening, resin, inlay and scaling procedures are possible on the day you come in to our hospital, and you can rest assured that our dental professionals with rich clinical experience will provide you with quality services.

7. Pediatric Clinic

Because baby teeth have a significant impact on teeth growth, space maintenance, craniofacial development and brain development, among others, preventive care in childhood and adolescent period is extremely important. Sun Dental Hospital specializes in preventive treatment for tooth decay using sealant and fluoride application and treatment can be provided on the day you come in. Sedated treatment is available to reduce anxiety, fear and stress and ensure comfort during treatment.

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