Health Screening Center

Customized Health Screening Program for Each one of our Patients
Customized program for diagnosis in accordance with the characteristics of the client groups centered-around the couples planning to get married, Students preparing for college entrance and women by composing precision examination programs for each of age groups and themes in the comprehensive Health Screening items.


Health Screening with Accommodation
Broad and precision items for various diseases The Highest Class Health Screening with Personal Coordinators at 5-Star Hotel Level Accommodation.

Dedicated In-Patient Ward for Health Screening with 5-Star Hotel-like Accommodations
We provide the highest class medical screening environment under the administration by dedicated coordinator at in-patient ward that offers comfortable services in order to carry out broad and precise examination on various diseases.


Precision Health Screening
- Added Precision Items for Each of the Organs with BASIC Program
- Recommended Program for High Level of Occurrence Diseases on Each of the Organs such as Brain, Cardiac Precision, Digestive System, Respiratory System.

Anti-Aging and Skin Care

Anti-Aging Program
Precision Health Screening
Measuring extent of Aging Process through Scientific Diagnosis (Elasticity of Blood Vessels, Genetic Diagnosis and Diagnosis of Skeleton-Muscular Strength)
Delaying in Aging Process through Improvement of Blood Circulation and Excreting of Toxic Substances
Skincare Program
Skin Care (Aesthetic Specialists Medical Skin Care)
- Accurate Diagnosis by a Dermatology Specialist
- 1:1 Customized Prescription
- Concurrent Treatment with Medicine and Laser - Acne, Body Hair Removal, Hair Loss, Ulthera, Peeling, Exfoliation, Freckles, Facial Spots, High Frequency Treatment and Face Lifting, etc

Facial Treatment
Customized Program that Restores the Fatigued Skin to Normal Conditions through Accurate Analysis
- Whitening Clinic: Specialized Program that Improves the Skin
- Pore Clinic: Specialized Program that Contracts Expanded Pores
- Moisturizing Clinic: Recovery Program of Moisturizing Function of the Skin
- Wrinkle Clinic: Program for Analyzing the Causes of and Naturally Restoring the Wrinkles


Basic Health Screening
Composed Basic Items to check Adult Diseases and Cancer, etc.

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