Cancer Center
Top 10 Package

- Platinum Health Examination Package
(2days 1night)

- Delux Health Examination Package
(2days 1night)

- Smart Health Examination Package

- Basic Health Examination Package

- Eye Cosmetic Surgery Package

- Norse Cosmetic Surgery Package

- Botox Package

- Hip Joint Package

- Artificial Package

- Female Beuty Package

FAQ : General Information

Sun Medical Center’s Operating Hours

Q : When are you open?
A : 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Weekdays & 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Saturday. (We close on Korean National Holidays.)


Q : How can I make an appointment?
A : You can make an appointment by calling, faxing, e-mailing or visiting our Sun Medical Center office. Impromptu visits may result in long waits or return visits due to the intensity of our specialists' schedules. However, emergency cases are always given priority through our ER facilities.


Q : Can I use my private insurance program here?
A : Yes. Clients with private or international medical insurance can make appointments with the international coordinator directly.


Q : Do the doctors speak English?
A : Yes. Most of them speak English. Also, our Sun Medical Center staff will help you when needed.


Q : How can I refill my prescription?
A : To refill your prescription, you need to see a doctor. Please let us know the name of your medicine first. After checking the medicine, we will make an appointment for you.

Q : Should I update my information to the hospital?
A : Yes, please let us know your changed information.

Medical Check-up

Q : Can I get an overall medical check-up?
A : Yes, we operate specialized and systematic health care programs. You can choose one of the packaged programs depending on your age and condition through the Health Promotion Center.

English Service

TEL:+82 42 220 8240
TEL:+82 10 3039 9509

Chris Han
TEL:+82 42 220 8080
TEL:+82 10 3614 0817

Chinses Service

WeChat ID: yiciyuan2222
TEL:+82 42 220 8240
TEL:+82 10 2805 8033

Chris Han
TEL:+82 42 220 8080
TEL:+82 10 3614 0817

Mongolian Service

Oh yunerden
TEL:+82 10 5531 9398

Russian Service

Kulibaeva Svetlana
TEL:+82 10 4943 3111